Dr. Ducks Ax-Wax Polish and String Lube

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Dr Duck's AxWax is the ultimate all in one cleaning solution for your guitar. It will clean and protect your whole guitar and even lubricate and enhance your string life.

Dr Duck's Ax Wax is the ultimate all in one cleaning solution for your guitar. It'll clean and protect your whole guitar and it'll even lubricate and increase your string life. With Dr Duck's AxWax you can clean the entire instrument fretboard, headstock, body, neck and pick-guard - it'll even clean your hardware.

Ernie Ball Guitar Polish

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Ernie Ball Guitar Polish is easy to spray on and wipe off to leave a beautiful clean and streak free shine.
Ernie Ball's proprietary polish formula is oil free and won't leave a powdery residue on your instrument. Spray on the cloth and wipe off in a circular motion for a streak free shine. Safe on most woods and finishes. 4fl.oz. Contains silicone.

Ernie Ball Micro Fibre Polish Cloth

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The high performance Ernie Ball polish cloth is the perfect partner when used with Ernie Ball Polish.
Ernie Ball Polish 12 x 12-inch grey Microfibre polish cloth with stitched edging. Fully washable.

GHS Fast Fret - String Cleaner and Lubricant

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Best selling Fast Fret cleans and lubricates strings in one easy application.

The GHS Fast Fret is a string and neck lubricating cleaner supplied in a handy container with applicator and rubbing cloth. Fast Fret brightens your sound while it prolongs fretboard life and lets you play faster! An ideal accessory for all stringed instruments.

Kyser Care Kit (Gift Pack)

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All the Kyser cleaners and polishes In one box, you'll have everything you need to keep your prized instrument looking and sounding at its best! 
One 4oz bottle of String Cleaning, one 4oz bottle of Polish, one 4oz bottle of Lem-Oil and three colour-coded Ultra Opper Fiber® cleaning cloths. Made in the USA.

Kyser Guitar Polish

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Kyser Guitar Polish does more than just keep your investment shiny. It keeps off the oil and grime that can get into wood grain over time, to remove build-up before it can start.

A cleaner instrument feels better, sounds better, and maintains its value over the years. Protect your investment with Kyser instrument polish. Now with an even better new and improved formula.

Kyser Lem-Oil Fingerboard Conditioner

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Kyser Lem-Oil keeps your fingerboard from drying out prolonging the life of your instrument and keeping it looking shiny and new.

 A cleaner fret board makes for faster, easier playing. The next time you change your strings, treat your fingerboard to a nourishing clean with Kyser Lem-Oil. Handy 4oz spray bottle with new and improved formula made with real lemons.

Kyser String Cleaning - Cleaner & Extender

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Use Kyser String Cleaning to retain bright, clean strings and maintain the life and the best sound of your instrument.
Smooth, clear tone can make all the difference in your playing, whether it's a flat-picked acoustic or a five-string slapped bass. Kyser String Cleaning digs into the tiniest grooves in your strings to remove the oily residue that dulls your sound, and lubricates at the same time.

Tone Finger Ease String Lubricant

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This string spray allows for much smoother guitar playing, letting your fingers glide without friction along the strings.

Tone Finger-ease is a string lubricant that works great for all types of strings wound or flat, and string materials steel, nickel, phosphor bronze, nylon or gut. Finger-ease will also work great for all type of instruments from guitar to bass to banjo to mandolin.