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Fender Ball Glove Guitar Leather Strap

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Official Fender quality Ball Glove genuine leather guitar strap.

Capture the essence of rock 'n' roll Americana and worn-in feel of a favourite mitt with Fender Ball Glove guitar straps. This 6.35cm width leather strap delivers total durability on any stage, along with a classic vibe that's sure to set off any performance. Features include, Genuine baseball glove leather; Heavy-duty contrast stitching; Adjustable sizing up to 135cm; Soft suede underside; Embossed Fender logo.

Fender Monogram Black Leather Strap

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This official Fender premium quality leather Monogrammed guitar strap is the perfect match for prized Fender electric guitar.

With a premium leather construction this quality and stylish monogrammed 5.7cm width black guitar strap provides equal touches of Fender class and comfort.

  • Fully adjustable length approx 112cm - 126cm providing a versatile fit for most players
  • Embossed leather Fender logo and guitar headstock print provide an understated, tasteful cosmetic look
  • Thick three-ply leather and reinforced stitching deliver long-lasting stability
  • Suede backing offers comfortable shoulder relief 

Fender Official Monogrammed Guitar Strap

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Best selling official Fender Monogrammed guitar strap in a great choice of colours.

Fender’s most recognizable strap gives a timeless and is now available in six different colour options for even more Fender style. Woven Fender logo and headstock design; Polyester backing; Leather ends for added reinforcement; Fully adjustable length up to 133cm.

Fender Official Suede Logo Strap

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Genuine soft suede official Fender Logo guitar strap with a choice of black or tan colours.

Thanks to the soft, flexible suede leather construction, this traditional 2-1/2" strap imparts a look and feel that will keep you focused on your performance, not on the fit of your instrument.

  • Fully adjustable length (79cm - 137cm) provides a versatile fit for most players
  • Two-ply suede leather provides uncompromising comfort
  • Reinforced ends ensure ultimate stability and security
  • Fender logo stamp on one leather end offers an eye-catching aesthetic detail

Fender Official Tweed/Leather Strap

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This genuine tweed and leather strap gives the Fender vintage vibe to your prized guitar.

This authentic vintage look strap features a premium tweed face with a comfortable and sturdy soft cowhide leather backing complimented with distressed suede leather ends and a soft cowhide underside; Width 5cm; ladder-style adjustment up to 142cm.

Leathergraft Adjustable Leather/XL Webbing Guitar Strap

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UK made best selling 5cm leather/webbing adjustable guitar strap with XL length.

Quality 5cm adjustable Guitar Strap with a webbing  face on one side with leather and matching leather ends. Adjustable along the full length of the strap making an ideal fit for anyone.

Approximate adjustable length 90cm – 150cm

Leathergraft Cotton Webbing Guitar Strap

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The Leathergraft Cotton Webbing guitar strap offers strength and comfort in a great choice of colours.
The new Leathergraft range of heavy cotton webbing guitar straps with luxury real suede ends. They are fully adjustable via the durable plastic slide and all have real quality suede ends.
With a generous 5cm width and a hole to hole adjustment of approximately 88cm to 150cm they are offer superb value.

Leathergraft Heavy Hide X-Long Strap

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Crafted in the UK by LeatherGraft this quality heavy leather strap offers exceptional strength and lasting performance.

Made from a heavy premium leather and a suede back this strap gives maximum strength with and real high quality feel. Approximate adjustable length up to 126cm – 149cm

Leathergraft Road Worn Premium Leather Guitar Strap

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Crafted in the UK by Leathergraft this premium leather guitar strap has a natural distressed look.

The Leathergraft Road Worn leather Guitar Strap is a premium leather with a distressed look. Each Road Worn strap is unique so no two straps will be exactly alike. Top quality leather and a genuine suede back. It has a 6.35cm width with an adjustable length of approximately max 125cm.

Leathergraft Softy Leather Guitar Strap

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The UK made Leathergraft quality leather 'Softie' guitar strap offers comfort and exceptional value.

The ‘Softy’ handmade from leather with padding and a suede back. This is soft in nature and padded making it a very comfortable guitar strap to use. Adjustable up to 150cm; Width 6.35cm

Leathergraft 'Comfy' Suede Guitar Strap

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The Leathergraft 'Comfy' guitar strap offers exceptional value and quality in a great choice of colours.
The Comfy Range is made from quality suede with beige or black suede back and a great choice of coloured suede fronts. It can also be reversed.
The Comfy is 7.62cm wide and being made from suede makes it strong and very exceptionally comfortable to wear. Approximate hole to hole adjustable length 105cm – 135cm

Leathergraft 'Vintage' Shoulder Pad Guitar Strap

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The Leathergraft 'Vintage' Shoulder Pad guitar strap brings back the classic styling from the 50's and 60's. The perfect combination for you vintage instrument in a choice of three colours.
Crafted from premium quality leather the Leathergraft 'Vintage' Shoulder Pad strap offers style and comfort. Adjustable.

Leathergraft X-Wide Softy Guitar/Bass Strap

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Leathergraft Extra Wide 10cm Softy Leather Bass/Guitar Strap in a choice of black and brown.

The extra wide 'Softy’ is handmade from leather with padding and a suede back. This is soft in nature and padded making it a very comfortable guitar strap to use with heavier basses or guitars requiring greater weight support.

Approximate length 128cm – 150cm

PRS Official Logo Soft Grain Leather Guitar Strap

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Official premium soft leather strap with the embossed PRS logo is the perfect gift for your prized axe.

The PRS Logo Leather guitar strap is crafted from super soft grained leather and features the Monogram PRS Logo.  It is 2.5" wide providing perfect support and can be adjusted up to 50" in length. Made in the USA for PRS Guitars

PRS Official Premium Leather 'Bird' Signature Strap - Dark Tan

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Genuine PRS premium leather strap with 'Bird' inlays. The perfect gift and companion for your prized PRS guitar.

Crafted with care from fine garment-grade cowhide leather, this official PRS Leather Bird Strap comes adorned with Paul Reed Smith's iconic 'Bird' pattern and signature. Made in the USA; Adjustable up to 127cm. Width 6.35cm

PRS Official Suede Signature Guitar Strap

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Official PRS premium grade suede guitar strap with signature embossed logo.

Crafted with care from fine garment-grade leather, the PRS Suede Signature Strap comes adorned with Paul Reed Smith's signature embossed at one end. 

This soft suede guitar strap provides even weight distribution with plenty of natural give, making it a extremely comfortable strap for gigs. Up to 127cm length; Width 6.35cm; Made in USA.