Stagg Trigger Capo

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The Stagg Trigger Capo is ideally suited to most acoustic and electric guitars.

The Stagg Trigger Capo offers exceptional value. It has an easy operation with a high quality construction and features a curved radius profile which is ideal for most acoustic and electric guitars.

Fender Smart Capo

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Fender Smart Capos are perfect for lightning-fast changes no matter the stage or performance.
By squeezing the capo on to the neck or simply pressing against the lip, players can attach or remove their Smart Capos in seconds flat. Shift pitch with ease and maintain perfect string tension while staying in tune and eliminating fret buzz.

Shubb Guitar C1 Capo

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The best selling Shubb C1 Capo for Steel String Guitar delivers quality and perfect intonation and fits most acoustic and electric guitars. Its key features also include a two Inch wide radius with easy to use contoured Lever; rounded ends provide a softer touch and its roller design offers superior geometry and reduced w.ear