Marshall RG-1 Regenerator Modulation Pedal

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From the saw sweeping detuned tones of the vintage chorus to a phaser that swells with energy. The Marshall RG-1's quality modulation  Regenerator entwines itself around your sound.

The Marshall RG-1 Regenerator guitar pedal comes loaded with an array of modulation effects including chorus, flanger and phaser. Marshall RG-1 Regenerator features an extremely sturdy chassis and contains all the stereo modulation effects that you'll ever need. RG1 Regenerator pedals provide a range of six different modes for you to explore, sure in the knowledge that the tone-preserving passive bypass is just a footswitch away.

Key Features

  • Solid Metal Casing
  • 6 Modulation Modes 
  • Passive Bypass
  • 9v Battery or PSU (Optional)