Carl Martin Plexitone Single Overdrive Pedal

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  • Description

The Carl Martin Vintage Series Complexities creates all the tonal and natural over-driven qualities of a classic and desirable Plexus amplifier.

The new "Single Channel" PlexiTone is not just for rock, it also can sound amazingly similar to a smooth vintage amp that just slightly cracks up when pushed, and as a fusion lead tone, with lots of both sustain and dynamics.

The new 'Single Channel' Carl Martin PlexiTone is housed in a small pedal-board friendly housing with 3 knobs and 1 switch.

The single Plexi also incorporates the new DC-DC converter circuitry, so the pedal can be powered by a regulated 9V Power Supply but will still operate on the same +-12V level as the original AC powered PlexiTone. This allows us to use the same high quality components which provide the same tone and headroom that make the CM Pro-Series stand out from the rest!

  • Requires external power supply. (Does not accommodate a battery)
  • Power consumption: max. 62 mA
  • Power supply: 9 V DC (regulated), 100 mA minimum, 2.1 mm female plug, centre negative (-)
  • Dimensions: 4.72" (W) x 3.74" (D) x 2.2" (H)