Carl Martin Greg Howe Signature Lick Box

  • Description

The Carl Martin Greg Howe Signature Lick Box provides offers independent Boost, Crunch and High Gain in one exceptional pedal.

Ace guitarist Greg Howe asked Carl whether he could develop a pedal that would re-create his signature sound. A pedal that would combine Greg’s unique High Gain and Crunch tones, but allow him to manipulate these sounds and layer them for even more guitar fun. A little unorthodox yes, but Carl was never one to back down from a challenge, nor one to think inside the box. The result is the Greg Howe Signature Lick Box, and not only does it fulfil Greg’s requirements, but it adds even more great tones to Greg’s palette!
  • Independent Boost / Crunch / High Gain
  • 9v PSU Operation (Not Supplied)
  • Metal housing
  • (D x W x H) 120 mm x 186 mm x 55 mm, weight 820 g