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Fender Blues Junior Limited Tweed 15w 112 Combo

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Shop Soiled Fender Blues Junior in limited edition lacquered tweed.  Perfect for home or small gigs.

The Blues Junior is not full of features, buttons and switches. Simplicity is its strength with a single channel and  Master volume. Middle, Treble, Bass, Gain controls with an optional "Fat" switch and a sweet spring Reverb. This is all you need to get a fantastic clean sound that will work with pretty much any genre.

This amplifier takes pedals amazingly well you can easily get whatever over-driven sounds you need from outside the amp. From low gain crunch to crushing high gain the amplifier stands up really well to anything you want to put in front of it. This is helped by the upgraded 12" Jensen speaker which breaks up nicely and can also push out the volume.

Shop Soiled: Indentation to side of cabinet otherwise new.