Ibanez JEM 77FP Steve Vai - Floral Pattern (1989 Pre-Owned)

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Pre-Owned 1989 'Japan Early Issue' Ibanez JEM 77FP Floral Pattern Steve Vai signature model. Very good condition with non original case.

This is an early issue desirable Ibanez JEM 77FP Floral Pattern Steve Vai signature model. Features on this model include a basswood body with real floral fabric, put over the black painted guitar body and then clear coated onto the guitar; One piece maple JEM profile neck; Rosewood fingerboard with fluorescent green vine inlays; distinctive pink HSH configuration DiMarzio PAF Pro/JEM pickups; Edge tremolo; Cosmo black hardware.

Includes non original hard case.

Condition: Very good given its age. Light oxidisation to the bridge and neck plate finish. It has a small drop-fill to the back lower corner edge. Also a small drop-fill on the headstock tip, slight neck pocket lacquer check otherwise the body is very clean with no belt rash or significant marks or scratches. No fret wear