Fender USA 'STRAT' - Sapphire Blue (1982)

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Pre-Owned 1982 USA Fender flagship model 'The Strat' in very rare Sapphire Blue finish. Excellent condition with hard case.

Extremely rare example from the archives of Fender history. 'The Strat' was produced for a short period between 1980-1983 as a Special Edition offering an upgraded specification on the Standard model.

Features included a solid ash contoured body; C-Profile maple neck with 7.25" radius; a return the 4-Bolt neck and smaller headstock with matching headstock, no bullet truss rod; higher output pickups with an X-1 in bridge; 2-way rotary pickup selector switch / middle tone control which when combined with the 5-way selector provides nine different pickup combinations; 22K gold plated hardware; Brass Master heavy brass tremolo/ bridge providing added sustain.

Apparently Fender lost money on every 'STRAT' model made due to the cost of heavy gold plating and brass at the time, leading ultimately to a unfavourable financial decision and demise in 1983.

In 1982 the introduction of the 'full gold specification' for the tuners, switch tip and gold decal logo, prior models having brass with chrome hardware and a silver logo. It sports the rare Sapphire Blue metallic finish which I believe was one of a limited choice of custom colours only available for later 82/83 production.

Includes original moulded Fender embossed rectangular hard case.

Condition: Not mint but certainly excellent and very clean given its 36 years with only light signs of use. It has a small indentation to the maple neck edge of the 10th fret / 6th- string which is no detriment to its playability and purely cosmetic. This highly collectable vintage guitar is in its original specification apart from the tremolo arm which I suspect has been changed at some point whilst retaining its gold plated tip.

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