Fulltone Plimsoul - Overdrive / Distortion

  • Description

The Fulltone Plimsoul Overdrive And Distortion Pedal features a unique clipping technology that allows it to act like an overdrive pedal and a distortion pedal so you've effectively got two pedals in one!

Fulltone designed the PlimSoul overdrive pedal so that you can achieve the huge sound of a stack with your combo amplifier. Two overdrive sections, one with smoother soft clipping and the other with brighter hard clipping give you an incredible sonic range to explore.

Blend the two overdrive stages so that softer passages sound smooth and liquid, while playing harder adds an amazing bite and presence. You'll be amazed at how responsive it feels, and you'll love the generous Level control that lets you push your amp into the red zone.

If you want maximum sensitivity and versatility from your overdrive/distortion pedal, then you'll be well served by the Fulltone PlimSoul.