Earthquaker Devices Despatch Master V3 - Delay / Reverb

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The EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master has become one of the most popular, versatile combined delay/reverb pedals out there.

The EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master small size definitely doesn't reflect in the colossal amounts of delay and reverb it's capable of creating. The clarity of delay is outstanding, and the strong signal swells beautifully with no oscillation. When it comes to reverb, there's not much that can match the immense, deep cavernous tone of the Dispatch Master.

Enjoy both of the effects either together or separately for a multitude of tonal options. You'll never be short of inspiration when it comes to this amazingly versatile unit.

The options available when combining the two effects really make the Dispatch Master what it is. Using the reverb but no delay allows you to utilise the Repeats control to produce a warmer, thicker sound and give more dimension to the effect. Up to 1.5 seconds of delay time with almost limitless repeats offers ultimate creativity, especially combined with the rest of the devices tone sculpting options. The Dispatch Master is perfect for those guitarists who are fans of EarthQuaker Devices' Ghost Echo but require slightly deeper more modern options. It's hard to find another pedal quite like this one.
The Dispatch Master features a digital delay and reverb line with an all analogue direct signal path and true bypass switching for a rich, natural tone, and better yet it's completely handmade in Ohio,USA.


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Courtesy and thanks to the PedalZone for this excellent demonstration and video.