Cornell Traveller 5 Combo

  • Description

 The Cornell Traveller 5 Combo is designed to make your pure valve tone portable. A well-specified, handmade valve amp that is ideally suited for home or studio work.

Denis Cornell is arguably one of the UK’s best boutique amp builders and has made amplifiers for many occasions and famous users.
The Traveller is a 5-Watt tube amp based around a single ECC83 preamp and EL84 power amp valve. The amp has four output settings: 0.05, 0.25, 1.5 and 5 Watts. It’s fitted with a single 8″ Celestion speaker mounted into a solid cabinet finished in black Tolex with a basket weave speaker grill.

The Traveller 5 has two distinct settings, Clean and Mean. That means you can either go for a warm, clean sound for fingerpicking and chiming chords or a more aggressive, crunchy tone with a distinct midrange boost. Again, this makes this little combo appealing because it can deal with various situations.

The controls are super-simple: Volume, Gain, Tone and a 4-way output selector. That’s it. The only other control is the Clean/Mean switch. The Traveller 5 also has a rather handy pair of Hi-Lo balanced inputs and Extension Speaker output. All this adds up to a well-specified, handmade valve amp that seems suited to home and studio work.