Marshall 1974X 18-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp

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Pre-Owned Marshall 1974X 'Handwired Series' 18-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amplifier complete with cover and footswitch.

The 1974X is an authentic reissue of the fabled model 1974 combo of the late sixties (1966-1968). Just like the original, it boasts a point-to-point, hand-wired, tagboard circuit housed in an aluminium chassis, plus a valve-driven tremolo circuit. At the very heart of its simple yet effective 2-channel design can be found six valves: three ECC83s in the preamp, an EZ81 rectifier, and a pair of cathode biased EL84s in the power stage. As the output and mains transformers are vital components in any amplifier as they influence performance, sound, and feel, Marshall worked extremely closely with their associates at Dagnall in order to duplicate the original, off-the-shelf transformers in all areas.

Main features include 18-watt, 16-ohm, mono 1 x 12" combo amp; Exclusive, aged reissue of the original 20-watt, ceramic magnet, Celestion Greenback T1221 12" speaker; Replica of the grey and white striped Bluesbreaker grille cloth used on the originals; High-grade baltic birch cabinet with finger-locked joints.

Condition: Pristine with only light home use. Fully checked out in our workshop this item is working perfectlly however please note this is a consignment sale on behalf of a local customer and sold as seen with no shop warranty. Return policy still applicable.