Gibson Les Paul True Historic 1954 Reissue - Gold Top (2015)

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Pre-Owned 2015 Gibson Les Paul True Historic 1954 Reissue in classic Gold Top finish. Complete with original Lifton style case, swing tags and Brown Book Certificate of Authenticity.

During the early 80’s Gibson responded to increasing requests to supply instruments that attained mythical status; Les Paul’s they’d built in the 1950’s. After more than 30 years of perpetual ‘R & D’ Gibson announced their iconic ‘True Historic’ guitars in 2015. A labour of love resulting in the most accurate recreation of guitars that shaped history.

One of Gibson’s most elusive models, ‘True Historic’ LPR-4 has to be one of the best P90 equipped Les Paul Reissues ever. Its elements are extraordinary and culminate in a super-light guitar bursting with unfaltering sustain.

Those fortunate enough to experience a ‘True Historic’ recognise the intoxicating natural tonality and ethereal quality placing them firmly at the apex of all modern Les Paul's. This totally chic Gold Top ‘True Historic’ the 83rd LPR-4 to be crafted in 2015 presents a unique opportunity to own a truly remarkable piece of Gibson history and arguably the coolest Les Paul derivative out there.

This superb example is in excellent condition with only very light signs of use. Critically it has minor belt marks on the back that can only seen with scrutiny under certain lighting. It is totally original with no modification or customisation and is complete with its original Lifton style case, swing tags and Brown Book Certificate of Authentication.

Weight 3.75 kgs / 8.3 lbs