Blackstar HT20 Studio 20w 1x12" Tube Combo

  • Description

Pre-Owned Blackstar HT Studio 20 1x12" guitar combo. Affordable workhouse tube amp

Whether you're looking for that classic British 'woody' tone or a tighter, more aggressive American sound, Blackstar's HT Venue Series delivers it all - and more. These tube equipped amps are packed with innovations and tone and versatile enough to deliver pure boutique cleans and ripping overdrives in one portable package - making them perfect for the working musician. Thanks to our unique Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) you can dial in the all tone you want, from British to American and anything in between.

The Studio 20 is everything you need to inspire and create in one versatile unit. A 20w two channel combo with 3-way EQ plus our unique ISF feature on the drive channel. ISF allows you achieve an astonishing depth of sound - from the purist boutique cleans to ripping USA style overdrives. Supplied with a 1-way foot-switch and loaded with a Celestion speaker, it's everything you need for the studio environment.

Overall Condition: Excellent with only light signs of use.