Cornell Plexi 7 1x12 Guitar Amplifier

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The Cornell Plexi 7 is a British hand built amplifier producing the ultimate classic 'Plexi' rock tones at a controllable volume. Ideal for the home or studio.

The Cornell Plexi 7 1x12 Combo Amplifier is especially designed to offer you that classic Plexi tone reminiscent of 60s/70s rock bands in a compact unit. Equipped with an EL84, and a duo of ECC83 valves, the Plexi 7 1x12 Combo offers classic rock tones that players covet. This lightweight combo is hand built to offer you the best tones and appearance available, as well as a portable unit that can be taken anywhere. Housed in a pine shell and plywood baffle along with green vinyl covering, the Plexi 7 1x12 Combo is perfect for anyone wanting a classic rock tone in a compact unit.