NUX Cerberus Integrated Guitar Effects and Controller

  • Description

The NUX Cerberus Integrated Effects and Controller offers endless possibilities in the form of analogue drive/distortion pedals and digital effects.  Includes PSU and manual.

The NUX Cerberus Integrated Effects & Controller makes for a beastly addition to your setup. Packed full of effects and exceptional features, you'll never be short of new sonic possibilities to explore. This multi-function effect pedal can be used on its own or with the 4 cable method which allows you to connect whatever gear you like, so you can achieve the exact sound you want, however fiery, mellow, smooth, or distorted.

Delve into the crunchy, thrilling tone of analogue overdrive and distortion pedals and go even further with various modulation, chorus, delay, or reverb effects. The Cerberus will then ensure that when you connect to a mixer or audio interface, you're granted high-quality speaker simulation. Other essential features include midi implementations, volume boost, tuner, control switch, and the ability to store your favourite combinations.

Condition: Excellent

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