Atomic Amplifire Guitar Amp Sim & Multi-Effects Unit

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Pre-Owned Atomic Amplifire Amplifier Simulator & Multi-Effects Unit. A powerful and portable device equally capable of being a complete rig replacement or part of a larger pedal board and/or outboard processing rig.

The Atomic Amplifire is a high-performance guitar amp modeller and effects unit in a compact, floor pedal format that sounds awesome and is capable of delivering professional results at an extremely competitive price.

Key Features...

  • High-quality, great-sounding effects and amplifier emulations
  • Simple, direct user interface plus intuitive operation
  • Can load third-party impulse responses
  • Very powerful editing options, accessible via physical controls and software editor
  • Superb value for money.

Condition: Excellent

Though we endeavour to offer an accurate depiction and overall representation of condition there may be minor signs of former use which are not easily highlighted or disclosed in the above images. Please contact us if you require a further information or a more detailed appraisal of condition prior to purchase.