Consignment Sales

We offer a hassle free and easy solution for getting your instrument to market utilising our website and shop facilities along with International websites, strategic marketing tools including customer mail-shots and national magazine advertising.

Initially we will need to appraise the item to gauge its potential market value given condition, integrity and originality.  If the guitar requires any work in order to be made fit for purpose and saleable, this will be carried out with the consent of the seller, and any costs added to the final settlement fee or payable on collection if the guitar remains unsold.

The seller agrees to a minimum sale period of 180 days. The instrument will be retained by the agent during this time and made available for sale. If the seller revokes on the consignment agreement during this period then a release fee of £50.00 + VAT is payable to cover the administrative and advertising costs. No release charge is payable after the agreed 180 day sale period has been reached.

We require a 20% margin of the net price achieved after the deduction of VAT. Plus any cost of service or repair required to make the sale. The seller retains title of goods at all times until sold. We take full responsibility for the safe keeping and insuring of the item(s) during the sale period including any required national or international shipping. Once the item has sold, the net purchase amount payable is made directly to the seller usually within 14 days.

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